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What is Del Amigo High?



Continuation Education

Continuation education is an alternative high school diploma program, housed under our "Del Amigo" program. It is for students who are 16-18 years of age who have not graduated from high school, are still required to attend school, and who are at risk of not graduating. Typically, the students in Continuation education are behind in high school credits. Our Continuation students must attend school daily, five days a week, from 9:00 am. to 12:02 pm. The program is designed so that students will be able to complete the courses that are required for graduation with a Continuation high school diploma. Our program includes guidance and career counseling. Students in the Continuation program are able to take additional classes through Independent Study and through concurrent enrollment in community college.



See our Venture School webpage for information about our Independent Study program for students in grades K-12.