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Western Association of Schools & Colleges

Western Association of Schools and Colleges 2017


"School-wide Areas of Strength


1. A wide range of community and other external supports exist which are aimed at nurturing the whole SRVUSD community and that are supported by resource allocations.

2. Venture administration and staff are committed to developing as professionals to lead, drive, and support student learning.

3. Venture staff and students have both played a significant part in cultivating a school culture that fosters a sense of community and belonging. Students hold themselves and each other accountable for their success through a deep commitment to clearly stated SLOs and a high level of care and concern is evident among all staff.

4. Venture offers a diverse course of study that allows students multiple ways of accessing the CCSS curriculum in a healthy school to life approach that leads to both college readiness and work preparedness"


-Excerpt from the WASC report. View the full WASC Report.